Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sure, But Let Me Load Some Geocaches First.

This morning, The Boy asked if we could go bowling today. We got a Wii for Christmas and the bowling is our favorite. The Boy wanted to try out his new virtual skills on some real life fun. Sure we can go bowling, The Boy. Just after I hop on line and load some caches near the bowling alley.

The bowling was fun. They have it so you can choose which players get the bumpers. When it was The boy's turn, the bumpers would pop up and when it was my turn, they would go down. (I could have used the bumpers on a few shots.) After bowling, it was time to grab a few caches.

I just read a blog post by Tonka_Boy about urban caching and some of the pitfalls associated with it. I thought, yeah that's right! Now I'm going to go do some urban caching anyway. I'll just stick to ones that don't look like bombs. My first attempt was at an unknown (Mystery) cache. I have yet to log a find on one of these and was therefore missing the little question mark icon on my list of finds. So I pull into the parking lot at the listed coordinates and contemplate this clue. "In the late 1980's there were over 2.5 million of "these" in the U.S. In the late 1990's, there were less than 1.5 million." Well "it" was what I thought "it" was and I found the cache stuck to "it". I signed the log while pretending to talk on "it". Oops! I've said too much!

Then we move on to a traditional cache neaby. The GPS'r took us into a Dairy Queen parking lot. Just as I was walking up to GZ, her comes "High Maintenance" in her Escalade and parks right in front of it. She gets out and just stands at GZ talking on the cell phone. This is the part about urban caches that I don't like. Muggles doing dumb things! Thanks for nothing, High Maintenance!

We moved on to a park that I didn't get time to go to on our last park hopping adventure. I made the find on the first of two while The Boy peed in the bushes. What can I say, when a 6 year old has to go, that's it, he going. Don't worry, it was nowhere near the cache. The other find was through this forest of sycamore trees, big ones. There is a forest in the middle of town. It was a small one, but the trees were quite large. Of course I left the camera in the car. DUMB!

My favorite of the day was a cache called Liar, Liar. This cache is one big lie. To post a find you must first find the cache and then post a big old lie in the log. That's fun! You should read some of the logs. People have been "trading" exotic cars, multi million dollar Starbucks cards and much more. It was actually a very nice hide with great cammo in a high traffic area. I went a little overboard in my post but, hey, if we're going, let's go big! My post reads as follows;

February 16 by Hick@Heart (73 found)
I'm the president of a local biker gang from far away. Me and my posse were in the area studying geocaches for the Smithsonian Institute. We actually pulled a couple of our bikes into the cache itself to make it look like it was just a biker bar and not a geocache. Curley, whose real name is Former President George H. W. Bush, brought his pet tyrannosaurus Rex. (They actually used it in the movie Jurassic Park)Curley walked his Dinosaur back and forth across the street to distract the parade goers so I could sign the log. We had just come from the bowling alley down the street. Since we are outlaw bikers working for the Smithsonian, I stole the shoes to trade for swag. Took: Space Shuttle Atlantis. Left: Size 18 bowling shoes."


Norm said...

Congrats on the award. What's wrong with my blog? I'm always the bride's maid and never the groom. (Whatever that saying is.)

We have a liar cache up here too, called White Lies. Same kind of thing. But it's a puzzle cache, and I'm not really the best at those.

Rake said...

I can visualize "high Maintenance". I understand completely and feel your pain.

But, A day geocaching is a good day. Throw bowling in ontop.... a great day

Tinman105 said...

Hey I had one of those "IT" caches last week. "High Maintenance" That's good. I'll have to see if there is a "liar" cache around here. If not I just may have to place one

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