Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll Go Geocaching Right After I.................

Today was the second of my 2 days off. I was waiting for Office Depot to deliver my new computer desk and chair. They called yesterday and gave me a delivery "window". Between 11 and 3. That's some window. While I was waiting I mapped out a few local geocaches so that after I put the desk together I could run out for a little fun.

I was happy to see the delivery truck pull into my driveway at 11:30. Now I know, as soon as this stuff is assembled, I'm off on a cache run. The chair went together in about 10 minutes. Now for the desk. My jaw about hit the floor when I finally got the box open. This thing has a lot of pieces!

At least all of the part are identified with a letter. A, B, C, D.................. AA, BB, CC............ Seriously. I think it went all the way to GG. I tried to lay them out in order so they would be easier to find but I ran out of room for that. My chances of caching are not looking too good. I guess I got started at about Noon and it took me until 6:30 to finish.

My neck and back and legs are killing me. The only way to build these things is to sit on the floor. I don't feel so bad for skipping the gym today. The coolest thing about this new desk (Besides the keyboard tray not falling off any more) is the USB hub. It has a little spot where you can plug in up to 4 USB cables without having to reach around the computer. When I saw that, I had to have it.

Well, I never got to go caching. I did get some geocaches mapped out and loaded into the GPSr. (I think I'm going to name my GPS. Calling it a GPSr all the time just isn't as fun as calling it "Margaret" or something. I'll have to work on that. I'm open to suggestions. Maybe I'll name it "Sir Real" like surreal. That's a cool handle!) Anyway! That number 100 is absolutely haunting me. Time for me to go to bed and dream about that stinking FTF geocoin no one has grabbed yet.


Scott Booker said...

I have the same problem. Not having any room to assemble a new desk! LOL That and not being able to find time to go geocaching. We have been geocaching for almost a year now...and love it...but making ourselves make time for it is sometimes really hard!!

Nice to meet ya! And nice desk and chair!

cosmiccowgirl said...

I have days like that where I plan on caching and just can't get to it. It is so frustrating. For instance, I had Monday off and it was a great day weather wise, but I had to get my car fixed OR ELSE. I still managed to get four caches (three park n grabs) but I really wanted to do a big caching run in some parks around here. Some days it just doesn't happen, but it makes it so much more rewarding when you finally can get to it.

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