Sunday, February 17, 2008

Featuring: The Northwoods GeoCats

The inaugural winner of the Hick@Heart Featured Site Award is the Northwoods GeoCats. The GeoCats are located in Minnesota. This is the blog that introduced me to geocaching. The sites author, Tonka_Boy, does a great job. He not only shares his geocaching adventures, but also shares cool geocaching tips, neat caches and provides links to other great geocaching content.

One great post describes geocaching at Raceway Woods. This area was once a European style 3.27 mile racetrack. Since it's prime time 40 years ago it has become a wilderness area, taken back by nature. Some portions of the original track can still be found.

I also like the post about a cache hidden inside a library. A book has been hollowed out and is on a shelf in a public library. What a great idea!

Another cool thing you can do at the GeoCats blog is check out some original artwork done by Mrs. GeoCat, Wayfarer222. She does some really nice paintings of nature and still life. Some are even available on greeting cards. Can you say signature trade item anyone? Check out the link on the GeoCat's sidebar. Tonka_Boy also has a book about his adventures in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Look at the bottom of his page for a link to that.

Thanks for the work you do on your site, GeoCats! The Northwoods GeoCats is my favorite blog. It is responsible for my own geocaching addiction, and has a special place in my heart. I love when my reader pops up with a new GeoCats post. So congratulations to the Nothwoods GeoCats. Stop by their site, check out the great content and tell them congrats on the first ever Hick@Heart Featured Site Award.

1 comment:

Scott Booker said...

We have found a cache in a library...but it wasnt a hollowed out book. It was a journal book that when you logged had to tell a story about your school days. It was cool!

I will have to check out your friends blog as well. Always looking for new tips and ideas.


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