Sunday, February 17, 2008

Urban Geocaching, I Know What You Mean

I needed to run down to Temecula to get some printer paper from Office Depot. You know what that means! I loaded up the GPSr with some geocaches and headed off with the entire family. We went a round about way (Shocking!) so we could make an attempt at a multi cache.

There are some local cachers that love to put caches on fountains. Their caches are all titled "Tranquility, something something something." This Multi was pretty simple. You walk along this small strip mall and at each of the fountains you get a number. We visited all 7 fountains plugged in the coordinated for the final cache found where it it supposed to be and then...............Nothing. No cache. I know I was at the right place because if the hint provided but nope, no smiley for me. I couldn't even snap a decent picture of the kids because the sun was in their eyes. I'm not feeling very "tranquil"

Off to Office Depot. I might as well grab the skirt lifter in the parking lot. Man there are a lot of people in this parking lot on a Sunday morning. I finally get a second to safely grab the cache and sign the log. We move on to an Altoid can that is nearly rusted shut. My hand still hurts from trying to open that thing. I sign that log and it's off to another "Tranquility" cache. When we pull up to ground zero, there are 30 Muggles sitting on our tranquil fountain. Never mind.

Man I could use a nice trail in the middle of nowhere right now. Oh well, I did get 5 reams of paper for 20 bucks and I got a 5 dollar off coupon.


Tinman105 said...

Man, a couple of caches AND 5 reams of paper! I got to party w/u man! Ah can you smell my jealousy from your house?

Norm said...

Skirt Lifter? I was accused of that once. But I beat the rap. I swore I was looking for a geocache!

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