Friday, February 22, 2008

Someone Give Me A Geocaching Trail, Please!

I t has been raining pretty steadily and is supposed to continue through the weekend. I wanted grab a few caches but I know the trails are going to be way too sloppy and I had my three year old daughter with me.

I had mapped out some more urban type caches that looked like numbers pay dirt. We got a break in the rain so me and the girl headed out. I picked up a few but nothing very exciting. Some of the caches in the area I was seem like someone just wanted to put a cache somewhere and did just that.

I approached several and did not even attempt them. One was in a Post Office parking lot. I don't like the idea of snooping around federal property. Another was on a guard rail right next to a busy road with a 55 MPH speed limit. No thanks.

I picked up four but my desire for the wilderness only got stronger. I have a geocoin that I scored as an FTF prize a while back. I've been virtually dropping it in all the caches I find. That does a couple of cool things for me. It logs the 'cache to cache mileage' and it generates a map. The map shows all the points I've visited and shows lines connecting them. It's kind of fun to look at every once in a while.

It's raining again. Hopefully we get another break tomorrow. Nine more to reach 100 finds. I already have that special cache picked out for the milestone.


Norm said...

Try this with your next geocoin or other new trackable. Log it from cache to cache like you are doing with this one, but plan your logs so when you look at the Google map, it spells your name. Or maybe spelling one of the kids names. Only log it in the caches that add to the name.

Wow! I think I just stumbled across a great idea!

Webfoot said...

I've had a travelbug that I started the week that I started geocaching. I call it A Walk with Webfoot. It's 371 pages long now and it's very slow to load, probably due to the length. I'm actually considering retiring it when I hit 2000 finds and start another travelbug or geocoin for the next 2000 finds.

I agree with you, in that the map is very interesting to look at.

BTW - you might want to check out Electronic Breadcrumbs. It's a group effort although I seem to be the main contributer for the time being.

Scott Booker said...

LOL at Norm. I think Norm has too much time on his hands. LOL

I totally agree with you about how sometimes it feels like people just place caches for no reason. I hate those caches. They are boring for me. But on the other side...I cant do too much wilderness my health wont allow it.

Although its a little premature...congrats on your 100 finds.

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