Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello out there.

Just wanted to put out a holiday message. I've been very busy lately and not active with blogger. I have been reading my favorite blogs. (That means yours)

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. And for those readers in Canada, (You know who you are) Happy Thursday.

Here's a dumb YouTube video. Try not singing this while cooking today.

Later, Jive Turkeys.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Geocaching on Hick's Power Trail

Some geocachers do not like power trails. Well, I do. So I made one. Don't judge me, it's how I play my game.

I like to store containers that would make nice geocache containers. Since I like to go to the gym and I like to take supplements, I had a few containers that needed to get out into the wild. I had some empty protein, creatine and fiber containers. A little flat black spray paint and we've got some geocaches on our hands.

I had seen an old tree that was just begging to have a geocache placed near it. On my quest to locate access to the tree, I found a nice public trail that parallels a flood control channel. I decided to make this trail "Hick's Power Trail". There may be some slight ego issues going on there but that's between me and myself. And me.................................................And I. me.

There were so many great hiding spots along this trail that I got a little carried away and put 8 new caches along the trail. I figured that's okay because there are 5 regular sized geocaches, 1 small and 1 micro. It's not like I just went and hid a bunch of altoids containers.

I put an unactivated geocoin as a First To Find prize in one and loaded the others up with some trackable items I had picked up in Canada. They didn't all get published at once due to my own problems with my listing requests so a few geocachers were able to score some FTF's.

A bunch of new geocaches, a bunch of trackables and a bunch of great hiding spots. That just screams fun.

The stars represent the geocaches I own.

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