Friday, July 4, 2008

Honestly, Officer......It's A Geocache

I got my buff cache back in place last week and until today, no one had found it. I got an E-mail notice that Team Geo-Rangers (TGR) had found it today. I'd like to mention first that TGR's said "Great Cammo." Then they said that the Sheriff stopped by. They explained what they were doing and showed the officer the geocache. The officer was impressed! That's cool!

I have a large geocache that I want to go hide soon. I'm waiting for some geocoins that I ordered to come in. I got the "Mystery" deal from GeoSwag. I got 5 random coins for like $4.50 each. They will all be trackable at the Geocaching Website, but I won't know what they are until they get here. I also ordered a Signal FTF (First To Find) coin that is trackable and has a blue ribbon FTF icon. I want to give one of the coins as a FTF prize and then decide what to do on the rest.

I thought it would be cool to go ahead and register the FTF coin and have its mission be to be placed in new caches and whoever gets the FTF can take the coin and put it in their new cache. We'll see.

I've been trying to do a good job of taking pictures of other peoples trackable items and add pictures to my logs. I think I did a pretty good job on this coin. I added four pictures of the coin near the cache site. Here is my log entry:

Retrieve it from a cache 6/30/2008 Hick@Heart retrieved it from Dining at the studio California [visit log]
I stopped by a cache near work looking for a place to drop this coin. I went over to a cache near the neon-lighted Studio Diner. It's an authentic trip back to the '40s -- in the middle of the Kearny Mesa Business District. Wrapped in chrome, the diner is a welcome roadside stop. And, fittingly, it's set on the lot of a working movie and TV studio, Stu Segall Productions. (Remember "Silk Stalkings" and "Renegade"? Currently filming "Mythological X".)

The diner was recently featured on the Food Network on "Diners, Drive ins, and Dives" The episode was called "Open 24/7"

You can see part of the movie lot from the street including a tower with a helicopter sticking out of the side. There is also what looks like a large fishing boat wheelhouse. The satellite image of the area reveals an airplane fuselage! I love casting days at the studio. People line the street for blocks hoping to get a chance to be cast in a real movie.

Alas, the cache was too small for the geocoin, but I got a few pictures for you. Summertime in SoCal means lots of small caches for me, but I'll keep telling stories until I find a good enough cache for your coin.

I would be very happy to have someone log an entry like that on one of my geocoins. The geocache near the area had recently been muggled. Fortunately Kwvers had been there the day before and they just happened to have a spare cache container to replace it. They saved me from the DNF. So here is a special shout out to Kwvers for being well prepared geocachers looking out for the rest of us. Thanks Kwvers!

We are just taking it easy for the holiday. It's pretty warm and we are enjoying the AC. Have a great holiday. For my readers outside the US, have a great weekend.

Here's the pics I put on the geocoin page.

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