Monday, February 18, 2008

Suddenly, We're Geocaching

Today is President's Day and I took a vacation day from work. I have a new computer desk and chair coming from Office Depot tomorrow so I took tomorrow off too. We ran down to Kohl's to check out the sales and guess what? I was forced to pick up a cache or two along the way.

Some local cachers named Jeepnakd have hidden a series of Nascar themed hides. Each hide is at a place that sponsors a Nascar. So, Nascar #99 is near Office Depot. 99 is the number of the Office Depot race car. Jeepnakd has a bunch more hides than just this. In fact, they own 211 geocaches. They have found 1082. There is a Lowes next to Kohl's with one of these hides. There is also a Best Buy across the street. Are you catching on?

So, after Kohl's, I drove to the nearest cache. It was a skirt lifter. The GPSr says, "Hey, there's another one just a quarter mile from here." Boom, another skirt lifter. "Hey, just an eight of a mile." Boom, electrical box. And so on, and so on, and so on. Just like that, we're geocaching.

After the second find the wife asks how many total finds that is. I tell her it's 80 total. She says, "Oh, you're about to go crazy." Crazy? "You want to reach 100" Mmmmmmmmmm 100. I can almost taste it.

None of these are very spectacular but it is nice to find a series of easy ones. It makes you feel good and is good for the numbers. One cache was a bit more rural. Rocky Gluteus Maximus is off a dirt road on the way home. I had made an attempt at this last night but a couple of muggle mobiles parked on the road and just sat there. I quickly made the find today in a large pile of rocks. I was delighted when I saw the container.

I went to the film developing stand at Wal Mart a couple of months ago and they gave me a bag full of empty film canisters. I took some of that rock texture spray paint and Cammo'd them up. I hid one myself and put a few more into my cache to be traded as swag. I even put logs in them. This was one of my film containers! This cacher had found my cache a month ago, traded for the container and now I found his cache. It's come full circle.

As we were heading home, The Boy asked if we could find one more. No problem, The Boy. I found a cammo'd M&M container in a tree and signed the log. I thought something might have fallen out of it and I was looking around in the wood chips. I nearly picked up an open prophylactic. I don't think it was unfurled or anything, but that is gross! I didn't touch it I swear!

When I got home, I saw that some people had visited my caches and picked up one of my travel bugs, Fish Tank. They are taking him to go visit their fish tank. NICE! We ended up finding nine today. How do you like that? That's California geocaching. I run to the store and accidentally pick up nine smileys. I love this game!

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