Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Fine Day Geocaching

There are a few hills near my house that have a geocache on top. Two of those hills have my geocaches on top. The Boy and I went out this morning to clear a few of them. We started about two miles from the hose, parked at the bottom and headed up the path to the top. It is starting to warm up and it's almost time to start freaking out about rattle snakes. The hills are green with new grass from the recent rains. I snapped a picture of what looked to me like snake skin, however when I got home and looked at the picture I'm not so sure. We found the cache and walked around the hilltop for a bit. Since reaching 100 geocaching finds, I feel like I can hang out and enjoy the experience a little more. I am trying to make some fake rocks to hide geocaches in so I was seeking out some specimens for a mold.

We left that hill and headed to another one about 2 miles South. the GPSr took us into a residential neighborhood at the edge of the hill. we parked near the end of a street and headed up a very steep path. If you are in or have ever been to California, you may have noticed that most hills have trails on them big enough for a truck. What is odd is once the neighborhood is right up to the hill, the trail starts out of nowhere. Today it started on the other side of an embankment complete with shrubs and flowers. No possible way to get a vehicle to the vehicle trail. So at the top of this one we could watch the airplanes taking off and landing at nearby French Valley Airport. This is a very small airport but someone told me the runway is actually long enough for a passenger jet to take off and land. That's all I need is Southwest flying over my house 50 times a day. Picking up visitors would be a breeze though. The Boy is fascinated with firemen and he found a fireman badge sticker to trade for. Thanks to Miragee for showing me how to put the elevation profile in my blog! You can see the two hills we climbed and a closer view of the second higher hill.

I still have all of the caches withing 10 miles that I haven't found loaded in my GPSr. Thanks to, oh yeah, Miragee and her GSAK tutorials. We just headed to the next nearest cache. I was happy to see it was a cache by DodEtrexer. He really takes the time to put out some cool caches. This one was in a fake rock. It was funny because I have been experimenting with my own fake rock recipe to make some geocaches. I mentioned this in the log and he contacted me with a great method of doing this. I'll try it out and write about it soon.

We kept following the GPSr and ended up on a trail with a white fence and beautiful trees. It was near a very busy Rancho California Road and if it was not for the noise of the traffic, I would have thought we were walking along a secluded trail somewhere in Alabama. We found the two caches here and headed over to Lowe's to get more geocache making material.

The boy has helped make a geocache and we will be hiding it soon. It's an M&M tube with fake leaves on it. I'm going to put it in a tree by my gym. I'll find some clever way to say "The difficulty and terrain levels can be much higher if you decide to approach this cache form the establishment across the street." I'll call if Buff cache or something. I actually came up with the idea of putting one here because of a blog post at my Dad's site. I had sent some before and after pictures of myself to my Dad and Brothers. Imagine my surprise when I saw myself on his his site. I thought it was pretty funny and good cause for a geocache. We picked up 6 and logged one DNF. here is a picture of the Boy's new geocache and, as usual, a few more pics from today.


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cosmiccowgirl said...

Looks like you had a good time today! Beautiful weather (as it appears in the pics)! Those are some great ideas for camo, by the way. Makes me feel like an unambitious cache hider, because mostly I just wrap something up in camo tape and put it in the woods. Good luck with all that!

Norm said...

Too funny to see you guys geocaching in t-shirts. We went out today in freezing rain to place some caches in the snow. We had to scrape ice off the car windows to drive home!

Scott Booker said...

Great geocaching adventures as always. We dont have no rattlesnakes around here...thank goodness or Rene would never go caching. We did see a little black snake once..and that freaked her out enough. LOL

I love the M&M container with the leaves. I have a lot of the containers to do something with...that is a great idea. We have a guy around here that does fence post caches...and also drills out holes in small logs to turn them into cache containers. They are cool. We havent placed any yet...but will be soon.

P.J. said...

Ha. Short-sleeve. I'll still be wearing jackets this weekend if we go out as planned. Looks like some interesting finds. I like the M&M tube.

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