Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mid Week Geocaching

This week is week two of my 6 Sigma Black Belt training. One again, I get to spend the week at Marina Village in the Mission Bay area of San Diego. I was much less organized in my geocaching this time. On Monday I wasn't prepared and did not have my GPSr loaded with geocaches. On Tuesday I tried to load some caches in the morning before I left and that took just enough time to land me in rush hour traffic. I ended up not having enough time to go geocaching. On Wednesday I was ready, both physically and mentally.

I learned my lesson the hard way last time and brought my hiking boots to change into. I got there around 6:30 in the morning. The sun was up and the breeze made it a bit chilly. I parked and followed the GPS for about 400 feet and quickly made my first find. There were a few people fishing from the jetty and a few more out in their boats drifting in the bay. They were far enough away for me to take my time and sit on the rocks while reading the log book and poke through the swag.

The next geocache was about a quarter mile away. I started walking along the large rocks lining the bay. There is something abut the ocean that calls to me. Walking there in the morning, all by myself with the sweet smell of saltwater in the air triggers something inside me. I must have been a pirate in a previous life. I love it down there. I ended up on an asphalt walkway on top of the jetty at Hospitality Point. The warnings of possible danger due to high seas were of no concern today. I could see however, outside the breakwater, the ocean was a bit rough.

I was searching for a cache called Our Love Endureth forever. For some reason, the GPSr pointed me to the left at the end of the jetty. The piles of huge rocks use to build the jetty provide a limitless number of places to hide a geocache. I looked in a few obvious places and got back on the walkway to recalibrate my GPS. It was now pointing to the other side, right at a rock that had the words "Our Love Endureth Forever" Painted on it. I sat down and quickly found the heart shaped cache container. I don't know if the cache owner painted the rock or it was just the inspiration for the cache name.

I signed the log and traded for what I thought was a regular geocoin. It turns out it is a non trackable geocoin. It's from the Utah Association Of Geocachers dated 2007. It has a sunset picture and it says "Breathtaking Vistas." It's a very nice coin. I'm not sure if I'll keep it or trade it. A shadow box display of geocoins would make a nice decoration of collectibles.

I made two finds. I could have done more but I was enjoying myself and taking in the scenery rather than rushing from cache to cache. Unfortunately I came down with the funk that has been going around. I'm home sick today. Hopefully I get over it quick and am able to go for a hike this weekend. We'll see.


Ditto said...

Looks like a beautiful coin, I'd keep it.

We were able to buy a coin at a Geocoinfest last year that was from Acadia National Park. Since we were there only months before and had a great time it has become a great momento.

Mmmmm... looks like we beat TonkaBoy to first post... must be our first... heeheehee... he's slippin' ;)

Geocaching Online

Norm said...

Nice grabs on the pier, and good looking coins - nice start to a new collection. Sorry you are under the weather today. And look at Ditto - must have been playing hooky today to get the FTC on your new post. Hey, I think I just invented a new game. First to Comment! FTC. Cool!

But haven't we been playing that game for a while?

cosmiccowgirl said...

Sounds liek a great time. That is really interesting how you feel so at home at the beach. I guess we all have those places. I've been tricked before with the nontrackable coins. I always get irritated because for me it was all about the icon or trading it with another cacher for another coin, but I never thought about making a display with them. I have some I bought (in blonde moments) in my coin collection binder and they probably drive other peiople crazy at events when I show off my collection for discoveries, because they get to those and where the heck is the number? Anyway it sounds like you had a good time and were at least able to get a couple of cool caches in.

P.J. said...

Yeah, looks like a wonderful coin for sure. Looks, also, like a great day. A lot different than my day today (we hit a bunch -- it's on my blog), dealing with snow, water, mud and everything else. I'd love to have a day like you had with great scenery. My camera would have been pulled out for sure!

HooHaa Blog.

Webfoot said...

Let's hope that the "Love Endureth Forever" was not placed by the geocacher who placed the cache. That would just give all of us cachers a bad name.

Sounds like you have a very good day. I was down in San Diego a year and a half ago and enjoyed my time caching out in Balboa Park. There were a log of quality caches out there to find.

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