Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Geocaching

It was supposed to rain Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I had quite the honeydo list and didn't think I'd get out geocaching this weekend. I got done with the chores and the rain was still north of LA so The Boy and I headed out.

To reach the first cache we just listened to the GPSr and went down the dirt roads. The road soon became steep and was washed out. We were in the race Escort this time and I think I was at the limit of it's off road capabilities.

We were soon on a normal road and signing our first log. The wind from the approaching storm was strong and cold. I decided against going after the caches requiring hikes in the hills. Instead, we just grabbed a few that were close to parking.

We didn't find any real spectacular caches but it was nice to sign a few logs. I made some finds on difficult micro geocaches that made me feel pretty good. These are the type that I would have missed a few short months ago.

On the way home I snapped the above picture. You can see our shadows were long and the clouds were getting dark. I like this road because I don't know where it goes. I found myself singing John Denver, "Country road, take me home......" We found 5 out of 5 geocaches and made it home safely. A little while later, I was watching the lightning flash across the sky and the rain finally hit us.

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to see the sky peeking through the clouds. I needed to go back out. It seems like it just rains travel bugs out in PJ's neck of the woods. They have spotted 15 trackables since March 1st (two weeks) and I've only found 4 since December. I ran a pocket query of caches with trackables in them that were close to me. I found one that had a Green Jeep TB. I had still not spotted a Jeep TB and decided I needed to go after this cache.

The Boy and I hiked out and found the first of three caches hidden along a mile long bit of trail. It was beautiful out here today. The wildflowers were brilliant yellow, purple and white. In our second find was the Jeep TB and a Fozzie Bear TB. I audibly said "Yes!" when I opened the cache container. Fozzie is owned by 2Bugs. I've actually been to their website before and this was my first 2Bugs find. These folks LOVE trackables. They have spotted 1470 (yes that's one THOUSAND) and they own 1089 trackables. Check out their site. It's pretty nice.

After our hike we grabbed three more in Hemet. One of which was one of those nanos that is only abut 1/4 inch long. On the way home we stopped and hid my latest camouflaged ammo can. I'll explain that one in a separate post.

It turned into a beautiful day. The wildflowers were simply amazing. Over the whole weekend, we made 11 of 11 finds. The race Escort also made it through the weekend and is resting comfortably in the garage.


P.J. said...

I'm starting to believe the reason there are so many trackables around here is because a lot of them are hidden out in the sticks! I could be wrong, however. *Hopefully* gonna head out to do some serious caching this weekend, which is good because I need to dump some of these TBs and get 'em rolling. Also bought four late last week and hope they'll be here by the weekend!

Sounds like you had a good time this past weekend. I'm hoping I can order my new GPS tomorrow and have it here by the weekend, too!


cosmiccowgirl said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend of caching - good weather and good finds. That country road looks cool, makes you want to walk down it a while and watch the flowers grow. Don't see a lot of houses in those pics so that is always good. It is so nice to get out in nature and away from people and the hustle-bustle of cities.

Webfoot said...

I liked your comment on the dirt road, about liking it because you didn't know where it went. I'm very much like that. I will go out of my way to take a new road to the same destination if I'm not in a hurry. I even chronicle the counties I've traveled in via this map.

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