Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a weekend (From 12/9/07)

We had some fun exploring this weekend. On Saturday we headed into old town Temecula to check out the Childrens Museum. We arrived just as they opened and the two ladies working there actually seemed surprised to see someone there. We kind of stood in the lobby next to an old Model T, waiting for instruction until I finally asked what we were supposed to do. They said oh feel free to give a 2 dollar donation and enjoy a self guided tour. That seemed odd because the website said it was a 4.50 entrance fee. As I dropped a crisp 10 dollar bill in the glass donation box, I could almost hear it hit the bottom with a thud as I turned the corner inside and realized we were in the wrong Museum. We decided to get our donations worth and check it out anyway. The museum was actually the Temecula Valley Museum, which was set up with very random displays, from Temecula in the early 1900's to a couple of rooms dedicated to Perry Mason. It took us a good 12 minutes to look around. The kids were particularly impressed with the elevator which took us from four indian artifacts up to a room where you can watch old episodes of Perry Mason playing on a loop. The walls were covered with Perry Mason posters. Just around the corner, you could put on a cowboy hat and sit on a life size plastic horse before returning to a new Perry Mason episode.

We decided we had enough of the Perry Mason Museum and headed over to the Farmers Market in Old Town. We grabbed a large bag of kettle corn which was one dollar more than a medium bag for a total of 6 bucks. We looked around for a little while and decided to leave.

Next, we headed over to the theater to see Bee Movie. It was really cute. Julie and Raegan got a little nap during the movie and I cracked up at all the subtle adult references. After that, we headed home for more napping and some happy birthday singing for Julie.

Today (Sunday) we decided to go over to Diamond Valley Lake to walk up to the lookout point. We talked to the volunteer workers up there. They were really nice. There is a virtual geocache up there called "Big Diamond". That will be find 2 for us once I get the posting code from the cache owner. Check out my new pictures of DV lake in my albums section. I also tried to check out a big hill in the area because there are 12 caches hidden up there.(Coordinates N 33° 41.003 W 117° 06.340) I thought I might be able to find some caches with just a printout of a Google Earth image of the area and no GPS. No luck, the dirt roads are not labeled in real life like they are on the image and it looks totally different from ground level than it does from space! Plus the roads were pretty nasty due to all the recent rain.

All in all it has been a fun weekend and I can't wait to get a GPSr so we can go out exploring more often.

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