Sunday, January 13, 2008

We Found a Geocoin (From 12/24/07)

We got to go do some Geocaching on Christmas eve. The temperature was in the 70's today, perfect for December. We once again started the day with a DNF. We were searching for a micro in a nearby park. Julie and I looked all over while the kids played. There was some Asain lady at one the tables who must have thought we were crazy. We moved on to some normal sized caches.

We found this one pretty easily. It was one of those M&M mini container tubes. They had it taped with green tape and fake leaves stuck to it. Nice hide. that was fun!

Then we headed over to this cache. This cache was along the fence of the Anheuser Bush Clydesdale stables. What beautiful animals. This was an ammo container with lots of goodies inside. Brody grabbed a stress ball that looks like the earth, and Raegan grabbed a plastic Poo character. There was also an unactivated Geocoin inside! We grabbed that and activated it. You can look it up using the TB (TB15VCF) I'll be dropping it off soon and we can watch it move!

This one was just up the road along the same horse farm. Another cool hide in some large rocks.

The last one we grabbed today was here. It was a full size Ammo can with lots of cool stuff in it. Brody grabbed a toy and it was time to head home.

I ordered a couple of travel bug dog tags today and will be setting them free soon. I also got some stickers to put on our first cache that we will be hiding this week. I'll post the numbers when I get them.

We are also planning a caching adventure into the Cleveland national forest very soon. Hmmmmmm I'll be needing some cool places to drop my new trackables.

I have some great pictures that I'll be posting soon. I'm having trouble uploading them right now.

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