Sunday, January 13, 2008

Post from 12/7/07

We have our 2nd weekend of rain in a row. I took a vacation day so I wouldn't have to drive in it. Mount Baldy has some snow on it and looks really cool.

We are going to start doing some hiking as a family. My Dad introduced us to Geocaching and we are excited about trying it out. It is basically treasure hunting for nerds. Sounds perfect for me. Basically, someone hides a box of stuff somewhere, enters the GPS coordinates for where it is and you go try and find it. I don't have a GPS yet but I did find my first cache by using Google earth and the clues listed.

Tonight Brody is singing Christmas songs at a retirement home in Temecula. We are going to go see that. He has to wear red and a Santa hat. I'll post some pictures later. I have been wanting to do some feel good volunteer stuff with the kids, maybe this will give us a place to take the kids and make old people happy. Brody is doing really well in 1st grade. He is acing all his spelling tests which include words like needed, friend and other stuff that I misspell all the time. He is gifted of course.

Raegan is three. Enough said about that! Just kidding. She is a sweetheart. She does have her moments, however she is very loving and really a good girl. Why, she is screaming for my attention right now.

Work is going well, I hope to have a job as a 6 Sigma black belt soon. I am ready to take on some new challenges. I am also going to start taking some more classes in January.

I decided to put my mood as Jedi because that is retarded. I will also now insert a smiley.

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