Sunday, January 13, 2008

Geocaching with the Family

Question: When it is 75 degrees in January on a cloudless sunny day, what do you do?

Answer: You put on some shorts and go geocaching!

Oh man, I can't even begin to explain how nice it was today!

We started off near Old Town Temecula at a cache called
little red caboose.

How many places do you see to hide a micro?

Just after spotting the hide, I smacked my head on a very solid piece of train. OUCH! See that big black hook up thing at my waist in the picture below? That's what I hit. I was not very happy about that, but signing the log made me feel a little better. Here's Brody with cache in hand.

What a fun way to start the day. Another one we found was called
Freddys Forrest. This was a pretty cool hide. It was in the................. What do you call the part of a tree where it splits off into two large branches? The fork, the split, the crotch??????? It was in the crotch of a tree about 10 feet off the ground. It was an M&M tube that was inside of a camouflaged tube. I had to step up on another tree to reach it.

One that was rather interesting was called
Quiet Neighbors. There was a sidewalk path through the middle of a neighborhood that went for about 1/8 mile. Right there in the middle of this housing development was a small cemetery. The graves couldn't have been more than 300 feet from the houses. There was a fence, but spirits can haunt you through a fence!! This was a small tube hanging in the ivy that grows all over the fence. Quiet neighbors, get it?

Dugout was pretty easy. You know that fenced in dugout area on the side of a ball field? Well one of the posts didn't have a lid on it. It was up about 8 feet so you don't really notice the little hook on the lip of it. When I pulled out the hook, out comes 12 inches of wire connected to a small glass tube. Sign the log and off you go.

The best hid we saw today was at
Spectrum. you end up behind a shopping center at one of those big green electrical boxes. The cache is about the size of a regular ammo can. It just happens to be a smooth hunk of steel painted to match the electrical box and stuck to the side of the box with magnets. You pull the thing off and there is a pocket for swag and a log. The paint on this cache has faded a bit over the years. I can imagine it was really tough to find when it was first placed! It is still very muggle proof. Why would anyone try to pull a giant hunk of steel off the side of an electrical box?

It was a good day of caching. We had 8 finds with zero DNF's! That puts our total finds up to 36. Now it is time for lazy and nappy time.


Jared said...

"hey it's 75. Hey I'm the coolest ever. Hey we found a bizillion caches with no DNFs TOOT TOOT TOOT"
Geez is everything perfect?

Like the new blog. Just wait until summer then I will catch up to you. I would have more than you if it weren't for you meddling kids and that dog!

Norm said...

Love the new blog layout. Looks like you caught on quickly to adding photos. You California people have it made. Our forecast for next weekend is minus 14 overnight. No geocaching for us...

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