Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who's Your Blogger!

Here are all the blogs that I commented about in my last post. I do read more than this, however I can't claim to be short on time and then go bragging about all the blogs I read! (I hope I got them all right) If you don't already read some of these, go check try them on. If I read them, they have to be good!


That's a bummer about your travel bug, I told you it was too cute.
NorthWoods Geocats

I see you had a bump in with the law, glad it turned out OK. I hope Brooklyn works out.
A 'lil HooHaa

I hope the Tadpole is feeling better, too bad the trip was cut short.
Electronic Breadcrumbs

You have a beautiful family, Little one's dance was great. Don't be too lonely.
Rake The Table

The Best Western Adventures have been great.
Ramblings of A Lost Mind

Glad to see some hummingbirds showed up, get that camera ready.
Gather: Articles by Marianne R.

I like the "This week in Geocaching" articles.
Geocaching Online

The road to Mt. Shasta is a long one and I'm enjoying the trip.
Geocaching with EMC of Northridge, CA

You and Lost Guy and Auld Pro always have such great hikes.
Musings about Geocaching

Blog ya later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I love sharing my geocaching adventures with everyone!

Norm said...

I was right on a few of them, bit not all. Cool idea. Still 100 degrees in SoCal?

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