Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remember Me?

Hi there, My name is Hick. NIce to meet you. Boy, Have I been busy. I'm really enjoying my new position at work, and it is taking up all my time. By the time I get off work, commute 60 miles, hit the gym and head home, I'm exhausted.

I haven't been geocaching in a long time. I even had to drop a geocoin off to a geocacher at work because I had it for too long. It has been way to hot here for me anyway. Today was triple digits and the humidity is over 50%. That's dang tropical for us.

I have some travel coming in a few weeks and hopefully I will find a few spare seconds to grab some geocaches in other states. I'll be near Dallas Texas for a week and then two weeks in Central Massachusetts. Then I'm home for a few weeks and back in Texas for a month. I don't know how much geocaching time I'll actually get because I'm flying home on the weekends to see the family.

I know I haven't been posting here lately, I figured since I hadn't been caching I didn't have anything on topic to talk about. I've been trying to keep up to date on all the geocaching blogs I read, however I haven't been commenting on them. Here's some comments for my regulars. You'll have to sort out who they belong to.

That's a bummer about your travel bug, I told you it was too cute.

I see you had a bump in with the law, glad it turned out OK. I hope Brooklyn works out.

I hope the Tadpole is feeling better, too bad the trip was cut short.

You have a beautiful family, Little one's dance was great. Don't be too lonely.

The Best Western Adventures have been great.

Glad to see some hummingbirds showed up, get that camera ready.

I like the "This week in Geocaching" articles.

The road to Mt. Shasta is a long one and I'm enjoying the trip.

You and Lost Guy and Auld Pro always have such great hikes.

There are more but that's all for now. See if you can guess which blogs these came from. I'll post links later and tell you who's who.

Blog at you later.


Webfoot said...

Glad to see you're back among the living. Tadpole announced this morning that he's at "99%." Almost there.

P.J. said...

Ha! Classic stuff. It's nice to know this sucker still works!

I can name about four, maybe five of the blogs. But Not them all or even close. I'll look forward to all of them being linked!

HooHaa Blog

go_man said...

Let me think... we used to know a guy that went by a similar name... is that you?! Cool!

Glad you posted. It saved us a lot of time. We were all getting together a search party but we were having a problem finding someone that knows how to work a compass!

All joking aside, glad to see things are going well and the job is working out... just remember priorities - family and Geocaching! :)

Keep us posted when you get the chance!

Geocaching Online

Norm said...

Think you've been busy? (plays tiny volin with thumb and forefinger) I'm holding a coin that I've had for over two weeks. I gotta get rid of this thing. Bad geocacher. Boo! Hiss!

At least we don't have the heat that you have. (That's why they call it a desert?) The other night it was in the high 50s, and today is not supposed to hit 80.

Nice idea on the comments to posts. Very clever.

cosmiccowgirl said...

Well there you are! I was wondering where you went! Looks like the new job is keeping you busy! Glad to know you are doing okay, just bogged down in work and staying out of the heat. Hope you enjoy your trip to Texas!

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