Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bogus Logs On Geocaches

I have a watch on Chomolangma. It's a 5/5 geocache on Mount Everest. It is labeled as "The Highest Geocache In The World", and has yet to be found.

This morning I was surprised to see a "Found It" log in my E-mail for this cache. It was a bogus log. The people responsible for the posting have since deleted the find so I won't out them. I will, however, share their log entry. It reads as follows:

Log Date: 8/22/2008Visited via Google Earth on a windy friday afternoon with my Son Matthew, it was quite chilly but the view was amazing, ate some sandwiches and had a bottle of pop, (frozen)tried some Yaks milk ice cream too (Yuk).Was late home for tea.

I don't know if they intended on leaving the log entry there, and were met with resistance or if that's just something they like to do. I posted a note about it in the GroundSpeak forums and as of this publishing, there has been no response.

The forum topic did inspire Vinnie & Sue Team to head over to Chomolangma's listing and leave the following DNF log:

Log Date: 8/23/2008

Attempted Just a few hours hours after the fraudulent find log filed on this cache by a European cacher, and largely due to the emergence (and subsequent erasure) of the hoax find log, I attempted to visit the cache hide site today using my not-yet-completed, but still somewhat-functional time-space portal. Target landing site was a relatively flat area about 110 feet SE of GZ. Was able to partially engage target site, but then ran into very serious technical problems with the portal and was forced to make the rather painful decision to abandon the effort. Temperature was about -29F, unexpectedly low for this time of year, but then again, it was about 2 AM local time. Winds were also unexpectedly high for summertime, with blowing snow. And so, here is yet one more DNF for this cache. Thanks for having made the effort to hide this! I may try to return someday in the portal. --Vinny of Vinny & Sue Team.

I personally don't wouldn't leave either type of log entry unless it fit in with the theme of the cache or was done so with permission of the listing owner. I'm not judging, That's just me.

What do you think?

Edit: 8/24/08: This morning this geocache was was archived by the owner. The archive note is written in a lanuage I don't understand. I can tell that the last line is a message to the owners late friend, whom the cache was dedicated to. That's too bad.

Pictures were shamelessly stolen from the geocache listing.


Norm said...

That's some funny stuff. Why don't I think of these things? Guess I'm not that clever.

P.J. said...

Though I find it a bit funny, I also find it cheesy. I mean, seriously, is it really that amusing to do something like that? I know I'd rather be out looking for, oh a lamp post cache, rather than posting fake logs. But that's just me.

I will say this -- I have no chance, ever, of getting this cache.

HooHaa Blog.

Webfoot said...

I erased a bogus log on one of my caches. I knew the guy who'd posted the log and he would have deleted it within 24 hours. He was messing with the local FTF hogs in my area, since the cache is a difficult find. I don't particularly like bogus logs and will erase them from my caches if found out.

I think some people post bogus logs in the hopes they slip through and they get an extra smiley. That's pretty sad, imnsho.

Hick@Heart said...

I see this morning that the cache has been archived. That's a bummer.

Anonymous said...

I find log like this very entertaining! It's all about the fun....

cosmiccowgirl said...

To me, the false log is adolescent humor. It always reminds me of teenage boys with no life. The false DNF was kind of amusing, though. I am sad that the cache was archived, that is a bummer.

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