Saturday, April 5, 2008

San Diego Flash Mob Event

Last month, Tonka_Boy posted about the upcoming WWFM III. World Wide Flash Mob. A flash mob is where a bunch of people gather at a predetermined place and time and snap a photo. The fun thing about this is all of the bystanders have no idea what's going on.

In May of 2007, Sonny and Sandy over at PodCacher had an idea. They enjoyed the idea of geocaching events and wanted to try something a bit different. Rather than a normal event, they wanted to host a micro or nano event. An event that would last only 15 minutes. As they talked about this on their show, people began to get really excited about it.

The first event drew over 1100 people worldwide to 20 different events. WWFM was born. Their listeners loved it and a second event happened in November, 2007. This time there were 83 events in 9 countries that drew over 4,300 people. A video montage of the 2007 event is available here. 2007 Montage.

There are currently 96 events scheduled to happen in 12 countries, 9 Canadian Provinces and 37 US states on May 10, 2008. Check out the growing bookmark list of events to find one near you.

Team Hick@Heart will have the A-Team at the San Diego Flash Mob Event on Coronado Island. This is a great spot due to the beautiful views of the ocean and Downtown San Diego. It's also great because of the high amount of confused bystanders that will be in the area. Here is a recon video of the 2008 event. Look how beautiful it is even on a cloudy day.

It would be great for our blog friends living in or near Southern California to come join us at the flash mob event in San Diego. If you can't make to the greatest city on Earth, find one near you and let us hear all about it.

We have been fascinated by flash mobs ever since reading about them on Tonka_boy's post last November and are looking forward to attending our first event in May. What a great idea by the folks over at PodCacher to put this together. If you haven't been to their site, I would encourage you to go subscribe to their weekly geocaching podcasts. Also, thank you to PodCacher for making these great videos available and thanks for your great content.

At PodCacher you will find:

  • Geocaching News
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Tools of the trade
  • Interviews
  • Opinions … lots of opinions
  • Cache stories and experiences
  • “Live�? on-the-field tours and hunts
  • AND podcaches: MP3 audio clues that will lead you to hidden caches!

  • If you want some more flash mob entertainment, Go to YouTube and search for flash mob.

    Here is a video of the November, 2007 Flash Mob Event in San Diego, California.


    Tinman105 said...

    Looks pretty cool I'll have to see if there are any around me.

    Webfoot said...

    I attended the Coachella Valley Flash Mob last November with the Tadpole in tow. We then cached through the Joshua Tree area afterwards.

    The video link even shows our group picture being disrupted by the sprinklers that went off.

    Snack of Hershey's Kisses. I was the official travel bug trader for the event. Amazingly, as I was trading the give geocoins and travel bugs away, I would end up with others. I came to the event with five travelers and left with five travelers.

    I, unfortunately, won't be going all the way to San Diego, but will probably end up at either the Orange Flash Mob or the Thousand Oaks Flash Mob.

    go_man said...

    We're looking forward to this years event as well. The one we went to last November was great fun!

    P.J. said...

    Sounds like quite a blast to hit one of these up. Alas, the nearest one to me looks to be about 200 miles, so I'll likely be skipping. :)


    Scott Booker said...

    I have never heard of such a thing!! That sounds really cool!!! Wish I lived in Cali!!! LOL

    cosmiccowgirl said...

    We did a flash mob event in our area last fall, I think on WWFMD. It was kinda fun but not nearly as cool as the one I saw online in CA where everyone acted like statues. We all just met at a park and there were no muggles around, so there was no joke to it. Just a fast event. I love the concept, though!

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